SF Guerrilla Opera was founded by Tom Comitta and Steven Trull sometime between February and March of 2011. The name “guerrilla opera” was coined by Ryan Funk. The Company is currently run by Ashley Brim, Samantha Boudrot, Tom Comitta, Daniel Ishofsky, and Steven Trull.


See our Audio and Video pages for documentation of past guerrilla operas.

See our Text section for textual documentation as well as literary and theoretical texts relevant to guerrilla opera, contextual writing, and sound poetry.

See Open Source Guerrilla Opera for an introduction to our work and the guerrilla opera genre.


To contact the company, email sfguerrillaopera@gmail.com

To contact Tom Comitta, email tcomitta@gmail.com


See our related soUND project here: soundundtext.wordpress.com



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