An indefinite intermission

Dear SF Guerrilla Opera and friends,

Though the Company has been inactive for two months now, we announce today the indefinite intermission of the SF Guerrilla Opera project. It has been a beautiful and illuminating nine acts. Perhaps there will be more. Perhaps the form will evolve into something else. Currently, there are no plans to continue as a company.

We thank all of the singers who have graced our stages. We are forever grateful to Rod Roland, David Krasprzak, and Katie Hood-Morgan who invited us to stage our first opera at Adobe Bookstore. Without this invitation, none of this would have been possible.

As we continue to master our archives, audio and other documentation will become available on A video recording of G.O. No.9 (the final guerrilla opera) can be found on litseen. Many thanks go out to Evan Karp for his video and written documentation of this event.

With bravado,

SF Guerrilla Opera

One Comment on “An indefinite intermission”

  1. […] the company merely appears under an “indefinite intermission,”[6] but the resonances of these events reverberate regardless of remembrance entailed. SF Guerilla […]

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