G.O. No.8: SOPAterno and PIPA Longstocking in THE MAGIC FLUTE-MUTE

Dear Cantistadores,

SF Guerrilla Opera invites you to sing with us in our 8th opera TOMORROW January 18th. We will sing beside the reddit-led and widely-supported Internet Blackout.

Here’s the score:


On January 18, 2012, for 24 hours, livestream no audio and no video from wherever you are.

As always, you are invited to sing as feels right in the moment. There’s no need to practice beforehand and costuming is up to you.

We will broadcast live from SF GO headquarters (link to our channel) for the full 24 hours.

If you choose to join us, set up a free livestream channel yourself and paste your link into the comments section here. We will then share your livestream on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Until tomorrow!

With bravado,

SF Guerrilla Opera