The Leant Walrus Jolter in NYC

On Monday The Leant Walrus Jolter, SF Guerrilla Opera’s adaptation of The Wall Street Journal, premiered on both sides of the continent. Here in San Francisco we staged the opera in Union Square. Simultaneously and 3,000 miles away, poet Erin Morrill sang with us in Liberty Square (formerly Zuccotti Park), NYC. Together we interpreted this score: “Sing The Wall Street Journal until you can’t sing anymore.” We are elated to share the below 9’31” clip of Morrill’s impressive incantation of a front-page article.

We’ve also added the video to our new  Video section–a collection of video documentation of every opera.

Now, fer yer eyear pleasure…


Erin Morrill in The Leant Walrus Jolter:


Erin Morrill is a poet, publisher, and filmmaker living in Chicago. She runs Trafficker Press with Andrew Kenower. Check out this great essay-interview featuring Morrill’s publishing practices and philosophy.




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