The Leant Walrus Jolter

SF Guerrilla Opera is excited to share footage from our sixth guerrilla opera performed yesterday in New York City and San Francisco. The opera score: “Sing The Wall Street Journal until you can’t sing anymore.” The title of the opera is one of many anagrams created by the Internet Anagram Server.

Below you will find three video clips taken on-site during the San Francisco opera. (Footage from NYC is coming soon.) We present these videos as previews for the documentation we’re most excited about: the entire audio recording of The Leant Walrus Jolter (mp3 for download or online listening).

The Leant Walrus Jolter was performed by Samantha Boudrot, Tom Comitta, Jesus Landin-Torres III, Erin Morrill, Cassie Thronton, Alex Wang, and The Anonymous.

For your eye+ear pleasure, here are three clips:

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