Today we released audio and video footage of yesterday’s guerrilla opera, an adaptation of The Wall Street Journal titled The Leant Walrus Jolter. The following poem is presented as further documentation of the opera, as well as an elegy from the future.

“Elegy” is the fourth addition to the new Text section. Here you will find literary and theoretical texts relevant to guerrilla opera, contextual writing, and sound poetry. Stay tuned for more releases very soon.






The Lateral Unrest Jowl
The Lateral Tuners Jowl
The Lateral Tuner Jowls
The Seawall Jolter Turn
The Seawall Jolter Runt
The Seawall Return Jolt
The Seawall Turner Jolt
The Arsenal Turtle Jowl
The Narrate Tulles Jowl
The Narrate Tulle Jowls
The Erratas Unwell Jolt
The Errata Unwell Jolts
The Ajar Swollen Turtle
The Raja Swollen Turtle
The Natural Sweller Jot
The Natural Jell Towers
The Natural Jello Strew
The Natural Jello Wrest
The Natural Jells Tower
The Natural Jells Wrote
The Natural Jolter Slew
The Austral Relent Jowl
The Warrant Jell Tousle
The Warrant Jell Solute
The Warrant Jello Lutes
The Warrant Jellos Lute
The Warrant Joules Tell
The Warrant Joule Tells
The Attars Jewel Unroll
The Strata Jewel Unroll
The Attar Jewels Unroll
The Attar Jewel Unrolls
The Learner Tallows Jut
The Learner Tallow Juts
The Learner Tallow Just
The Relearn Tallows Jut
The Relearn Tallow Juts
The Relearn Tallow Just
The Eternal Ultras Jowl
The Eternal Walrus Jolt
The Eternal Ultra Jowls
The Renewal Ultras Jolt
The Renewal Ultra Jolts
The Realer Walnuts Jolt
The Realer Walnut Jolts
The Relater Sultan Jowl
The Jean Tallow Rustler
The Stellar Nature Jowl
The Stellar Journal Wet
The Stellar Junta Lower
The Stellar Junta Rowel
The Stellar Jaunt Lower
The Stellar Jaunt Rowel
The Allures Natter Jowl
The Allures Lawn Jotter
The Allures Want Jolter
The Laurels Natter Jowl
The Laurels Lawn Jotter
The Laurels Want Jolter
The Taller Saunter Jowl
The Taller Natures Jowl
The Taller Nature Jowls
The Taller Journal Wets
The Taller Journal West
The Taller Journal Stew
The Taller Juntas Lower
The Taller Juntas Rowel
The Taller Jaunts Lower
The Taller Jaunts Rowel
The Taller Junta Lowers
The Taller Junta Rowels
The Taller Junta Slower
The Taller Jaunt Lowers
The Taller Jaunt Rowels
The Taller Jaunt Slower
The Taller Lawn Jouster
The Allure Natters Jowl
The Allure Natter Jowls
The Allure Lawns Jotter
The Allure Lawn Jotters
The Allure Wants Jolter
The Allure Want Jolters
The Laurel Natters Jowl
The Laurel Natter Jowls
The Laurel Lawns Jotter
The Laurel Lawn Jotters
The Laurel Wants Jolter
The Laurel Want Jolters
The Wallets Leant Juror
The Wallet Leant Jurors
The Wallet Journal Erst
The Wallet Journal Rest
The Wallet Junta Sorrel
The Wallet Jaunt Sorrel
The Renal Tallow Juster
The Learn Tallow Juster
The Rentals Trawl Joule
The Antlers Trawl Joule
The Rental Allow Juster
The Rental Wall Jouster
The Rental Trawls Joule
The Rental Trawl Joules
The Antler Allow Juster
The Antler Wall Jouster
The Antler Trawls Joule
The Antler Trawl Joules
The Learnt Allow Juster
The Learnt Wall Jouster
The Learnt Trawls Joule
The Learnt Trawl Joules
The Neutral Alerts Jowl
The Neutral Staler Jowl
The Neutral Salter Jowl
The Neutral Alters Jowl
The Neutral Alter Jowls
The Neutral Later Jowls
The Neutral Alert Jowls
The Neutral Laws Jolter
The Neutral Slaw Jolter
The Neutral Awls Jolter
The Neutral Awl Jolters
The Neutral Law Jolters
The Neutral Warts Jello
The Neutral Straw Jello
The Neutral Wart Jellos
The Unreal Rattles Jowl
The Unreal Starlet Jowl
The Unreal Startle Jowl
The Unreal Latters Jowl
The Unreal Wastrel Jolt
The Unreal Rattle Jowls
The Unreal Latter Jowls
The Unreal Walls Jotter
The Unreal Wall Jotters
The Unreal Trawl Jostle
The Neural Rattles Jowl
The Neural Starlet Jowl
The Neural Startle Jowl
The Neural Latters Jowl
The Neural Wastrel Jolt
The Neural Rattle Jowls
The Neural Latter Jowls
The Neural Walls Jotter
The Neural Wall Jotters
The Neural Trawl Jostle
The Unseal Rattler Jowl
The Unseal Trawler Jolt
The Unseal Trawl Jolter
The Leant Walrus Jolter
The Talent Surreal Jowl
The Latent Surreal Jowl
The Ulnae Rattler Jowls
The Ulnae Trawler Jolts
The Ulnae Trawls Jolter
The Ulnae Trawl Jolters
The Realtor Juntas Well
The Realtor Jaunts Well
The Realtor Junta Swell
The Realtor Junta Wells
The Realtor Jaunt Swell
The Realtor Jaunt Wells
The Real Walnuts Jolter
The Real Walnut Jolters
The Earl Walnuts Jolter
The Earl Walnut Jolters
The Rattler Lawns Joule
The Rattler Lawn Joules
The Trawler Jato Sullen
The Trawler Llano Jutes
The Trawler Llanos Jute
The Trawler Slant Joule
The Trawler Ulna Jostle
The Trawler Aunts Jello
The Trawler Tunas Jello
The Trawler Aunt Jellos
The Trawler Tuna Jellos
The Laser Walnut Jolter
The Earls Walnut Jolter
The Alerts Journal Welt
The Staler Journal Welt
The Salter Journal Welt
The Alters Journal Welt
The Wastrel Journal Let
The Wastrel Ulna Jolter
The Wastrel Outran Jell
The Alter Journal Welts
The Later Journal Welts
The Alert Journal Welts
The Rattle Journal Slew
The Latter Journal Slew
The Ranters Outlaw Jell
The Ranter Outlaws Jell
The Ranter Outlaw Jells
The Errant Outlaws Jell
The Errant Outlaw Jells
The Warren Outlast Jell
The Saunter Wall Jolter
The Saunter Trawl Jello
The Natures Wall Jolter
The Natures Trawl Jello
The Natter Walrus Jello
The Nature Walls Jolter
The Nature Wall Jolters
The Nature Trawls Jello
The Nature Trawl Jellos
The Roaster Walnut Jell
The Arrest Walnut Jello
The Rarest Walnut Jello
The Raters Walnut Jello
The Starer Walnut Jello
The Rater Walnuts Jello
The Rater Walnut Jellos
The Treats Journal Well
The Taster Journal Well
The Tetras Journal Well
The Taters Journal Well
The Swatter Journal Ell
The Swatter Lunar Jello
The Swatter Ulnar Jello
The Waster Journal Tell
The Waters Journal Tell
The Rawest Journal Tell
The Tater Journal Swell
The Tater Journal Wells
The Treat Journal Swell
The Treat Journal Wells
The Tetra Journal Swell
The Tetra Journal Wells
The Water Journal Tells
The Journal All Wetters
The Journal Alls Wetter
The Journal Wall Setter
The Journal Wall Tester
The Journal Wall Street
The Journal Wall Retest
The Journal Trawl Sleet
The Journal Trawl Steel
The Journal Slat Welter
The Journal Salt Welter
The Journal Last Welter
The Journal Laws Letter
The Journal Slaw Letter
The Journal Awls Letter
The Journal Awl Letters
The Journal Awl Settler
The Journal Awl Trestle
The Journal Law Letters
The Journal Law Settler
The Journal Law Trestle
The Journal Swat Retell
The Journal Swat Teller
The Journal Twas Retell
The Journal Twas Teller
The Journal Wast Retell
The Journal Wast Teller
The Journal Tat Sweller
The Journal Watt Seller
The Journal Watt Resell
The Tallow Lunar Jester
The Tallow Ulnar Jester



Tom Comitta, 10.18





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