Brass Liberation Orchestra and Friends @ Chase Bank

The above footage was taken in front of Chase Bank on Market Street, San Francisco during Thursday’s Make Banks Pay demonstration. The event was held in solidarity with #occupywallstreet and in collaboration with #occupysanfrancisco. Music accompaniment by the amazing, interventionist music group Brass Liberation Orchestra.

The below video, which we titled “Gotta Make Them Pay (Jamie Dimon Go To Hell Remix)”, was recorded directly after the one above and specifically concerns the shameful actions of Chase Bank. Talking with Jose Vegas, the ringleader in red, after the demonstration, I learned that Vegas had confronted JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon at a Chase stockholders’ meeting in 2010.  Vegas was the leader of CCISCO and a victim of foreclosure and deception on the part of Chase Bank. He explains that Chase “…did a foreclosure procedure at the same time they were pretending to help me with a [structural] modification.” You can hear Vegas tell his story here.

Upcoming events and demonstrations regarding #occupysf can be found on their calendar. For information on other occupations around the Bay Area and the U.S., check out

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