Email to Associated Press #2


An AP employee has returned my email concerning the photo problem addressed below.  When I get the employee’s permission to publish it, you will find the email here.  Until then, here’s my response.




[Here is my email to AP:]



Thank you for your email and your kind words.

And I agree that photographer Jeff Chiu had every right to take that photograph and publish it with news related to Monday’s demonstration.  It was relevant for (your) documentary and symbolic purposes:  representing a BART employee and a demonstrator looking in opposite directions (not seeing “eye to eye”).  Though I don’t think it captured what I feel was most important in our opera.  But that is beside the point.

My only concern was AP’s use of the photograph as the primary image to accompany this article titled “Hackers gain access to transit police union site.”  You will see here that the image does in fact still accompany the article.  I was not aware of the “Transit Phone Jamming” article before your email (this title actually does seem relevant to my group’s performance Canyouhearmenow?).

If you could please remove the photo from the “Hackers gain access…” article, I would be grateful.  Hopefully you will agree that the photograph of our performance concerning the BART cellphone blackout is not relevant to an article concerning this:  “Hackers seized and posted personal information of Bay Area Rapid Transit police online…” (the first line of the article).

Thank you for your time.

Sending you my best,
Tom Comitta

P.S.  Would it be okay if I published our correspondence on my SF Guerrilla Opera blog (I can remove your name if you’d like)?  You will see here that I discussed this matter publicly.  I might assume the 150 people who have read my post would be interested to hear how this matter is resolved.  Of course, I am interested in “making up” with the “News Media” and getting the full story straight.

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