Bowling in Bowlers

Composer/sound poet Charlie Morrow and writer/performer Maija-Leena Remes are in town this week, so we’ve decided to stage this performance.  Bring your friends and bowler hats!  Other lawn bowling equipment provided.

The info:


Bowling in Bowlers
an afternoon of sound poetry and lawn bowling

at the Oakland Lawn Bowling Club
(660 Bellevue Avenue next to Fairy Land + Lake Merritt)

This Saturday May 26 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm


Starring (in order of appearance):

Charlie Morrow
Maija-Leena Remes
Alana Siegel
Tom Comitta
More TBA
and you!
Attending the 2:00 performance is FREE.

$10 per person if you’d like to lawn bowl (the Club’s price).

BYOBowler hat.

Some light snacks and lawn bowling supplies provided.
Only flat-soled shoes allowed on the grass courts (sneakers okay).
And bring a friend!

An indefinite intermission

Dear SF Guerrilla Opera and friends,

Though the Company has been inactive for two months now, we announce today the indefinite intermission of the SF Guerrilla Opera project. It has been a beautiful and illuminating nine acts. Perhaps there will be more. Perhaps the form will evolve into something else. Currently, there are no plans to continue as a company.

We thank all of the singers who have graced our stages. We are forever grateful to Rod Roland, David Krasprzak, and Katie Hood-Morgan who invited us to stage our first opera at Adobe Bookstore. Without this invitation, none of this would have been possible.

As we continue to master our archives, audio and other documentation will become available on A video recording of G.O. No.9 (the final guerrilla opera) can be found on litseen. Many thanks go out to Evan Karp for his video and written documentation of this event.

With bravado,

SF Guerrilla Opera

G.O. No.8: SOPAterno and PIPA Longstocking in THE MAGIC FLUTE-MUTE

Dear Cantistadores,

SF Guerrilla Opera invites you to sing with us in our 8th opera TOMORROW January 18th. We will sing beside the reddit-led and widely-supported Internet Blackout.

Here’s the score:


On January 18, 2012, for 24 hours, livestream no audio and no video from wherever you are.

As always, you are invited to sing as feels right in the moment. There’s no need to practice beforehand and costuming is up to you.

We will broadcast live from SF GO headquarters (link to our channel) for the full 24 hours.

If you choose to join us, set up a free livestream channel yourself and paste your link into the comments section here. We will then share your livestream on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Until tomorrow!

With bravado,

SF Guerrilla Opera

Happy Hour

(click to see full image)

While taking an “intermission”, SF Guerrilla Opera shares the above score for our potential opera Happy Hour.

Like most of our recent operas, this score can be performed anywhere–in any bar of your choice.

If you happen to perform it before we do, please send documentation to

Also, check out the publishing house for publications of The Leant Walrus Jolter (mp3), Open Source Guerrilla Opera (as an editable text file), and other non-guerrilla-opera-related writing!

Until soon,

SF Guerrilla Opera

G.O. No.7: Documentation

As expected, Wednesday’s non-site-specific opera took place in a variety of manners and locations. We received reports of four enactments of the score: “On October 26, 2011, sing the USA PATRIOT ACT to your nearest surveillance.” Below you will find documentation of three performances presented in the order we received them.


1. scan the USA PATRIOT ACT by Samantha Boudrot

Link to the 84-page pdf book (download highly recommended: it’s 34 MB)

Link to the book as an animated gif

Link to a jpeg of all 84 pages superimposed

For this opera, intermedia poet and musician Samantha Boudrot opted for vocal silence. First, she printed and cut up the libretto into 1″ x 2″ sheets. Then, for one hour, she scanned-sang the sheets repeatedly–as often as she could–rearranging the panels between each scan-song. The result is an 84-page visual sound poem–a subliminal scansion of the scan-songs, if you wilt–best understood by concrete poet Décio Pignatari’s dictum:  O olhouvido ouvê (The eyear hearsees).

Boudrot’s piece runs parallel to her current project minor catastrophe. Check out her two first editions, minor catastrophe 1 and minor catastrophe 2, at (link to the soft release–check back on 11/11/11 for full release w/ more works uploaded).


2. Underture of The Déjà Vu Chorus

Wednesday night Tom Comitta was invited as a guest artist to Kota Ezawa’s undergraduate film course Déjà Vu. At the end of his presentation, Comitta invited the class to join him for a 10-minute interpretation of the day’s score. Together they divvied up the 140-page libretto and decided on their “nearest surveillance”: one of the many cameras monitoring California College of the Arts’ San Francisco campus.

The Déjà Vu Chorus

(in alphabetical order)

Kevin Cho

Tom Comitta

Kota Ezawa

Lina Katano

Kathryn Kolouch

Andy Sandoval


3. The Emergency Non-Performance by Ashley Brim and Daniel Ishofsky

On Wednesday, at 9:20 pm, Tom Comitta received this text from Ashley Brim:

Shit is about to go down. Police are lining up to board buses to go stop some protesters. Spread the word. I don’t know who to tell or how, but the vibe here is crazy. I see lots of clubs and guns. If you are at any of the Occupys–watch out and post this on Twitter with #.

Comitta immediately called Brim to learn that she and Daniel Ishofsky, while searching Potrero Hill for the right ATM at which to sing, had stumbled upon the SFPD taking formation to raid Occupy San Francisco. The text was followed by these images:

Fortunately, the raid never happened. For now, Occupy San Francisco continues.


That’s all for today!





G.O. No.7: Sing the USA PATRIOT ACT

Dear Cantistadores,

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the still-active USA PATRIOT ACT (link to the full doc) THIS Wednesday, October 26, 2011, SF Guerrilla Opera invites you to sing in its 7th opera.

The opera’s as simple as this:

the score:


On October 26, 2011, sing the USA PATRIOT ACT to your nearest surveillance.



[end score]

This is the 2nd guerrilla opera you can perform anywhere, anytime–before work, between classes, after dinner, etc.

Here’s our operatic direction:

1. You are invited to sing as feels right in the moment (from belch to monotone to whisper to …).

2. Will you sing the entire USA PATRIOT ACT? A fragment? Your favorite moment? Something else? It’s up to you.

3. Will you sing to a surveillance camera? Your smartphone? Your parent? Your partner? The heavens? It’s up to you.

4. Costuming is up to you.

5. Documentation is up to you.


All documentation–be it video, audio, textual, or other–submitted to will be published on this blog.


Looking forward to singing with you, wherever you are, THIS Wednesday!


With bravado,

SF Guerrilla Opera




The Leant Walrus Jolter in NYC

On Monday The Leant Walrus Jolter, SF Guerrilla Opera’s adaptation of The Wall Street Journal, premiered on both sides of the continent. Here in San Francisco we staged the opera in Union Square. Simultaneously and 3,000 miles away, poet Erin Morrill sang with us in Liberty Square (formerly Zuccotti Park), NYC. Together we interpreted this score: “Sing The Wall Street Journal until you can’t sing anymore.” We are elated to share the below 9’31” clip of Morrill’s impressive incantation of a front-page article.

We’ve also added the video to our new  Video section–a collection of video documentation of every opera.

Now, fer yer eyear pleasure…


Erin Morrill in The Leant Walrus Jolter:


Erin Morrill is a poet, publisher, and filmmaker living in Chicago. She runs Trafficker Press with Andrew Kenower. Check out this great essay-interview featuring Morrill’s publishing practices and philosophy.





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